Yes!! I finally did it... yayy!
So I have been Transitioning for a short while now, I initially didn't want a short hair so I decided to transition for atleast a year before cutting of my relaxed ends. Then I started and I became to eager to see my tiny growth and I decided to reduce my transition time to 6 months. I still couldn't keep to that and yesterday (at 5 months and 3weeks) I decided to go for it 🙊


I think is pretty obvious that Transitioning isn't for me, it wasn't easy managing the two different hair textures also I am not really a patient person.
I felt I was missing out on rocking tiny winny Afro which I find really beautiful on some ladies I have seen, I wanted to be able to carry my hair out sometimes not every day wig or hair and with the way transitioning hair looks, that's impossible.
Another reason is that I can be impulsive, I wanted to fully commit to my natural hair journey, transitioning to me is playing it safe just in case you change your mind you can simply buy you a relaxer lol, I definitely don't want that. Yesterday I was just looking for a distraction and I decided to cut my hair...🤷🏽‍♀️
Most of all, it felt right and I was ready for the drastic change in appearance and oh I am loving it.


I did my big chop myself, I didn't want to risk having my hard earned 5months old natural growth mistakenly chopped off by some stylist. I just sat infront of a mirror with my scissors, part my hair in 4 places and cut per section. Before cutting, I wet each section with water mixed with little conditioner to be able to clearly differentiate the natural growth from the relaxed hair ends. It took me less than an hour and I was done, not perfect but I think I did a pretty decent job. I initially planned making a video of my big chop but it just happened and I didn't think of that.


Personally, I wasn't shocked or anything, I was very prepared for the worst possible outcome so I was actually happy and laughing throw it. I liked my short hair the moment I saw it and I am loving it more.
From family; Everyone says I look like my mum now which makes me really happy, they seem to love my short hair and are inspired to go natural too yayy! Hubby absolutely loves my new look so I am good to go.
Today I styled my hair and rocked my tiny fro for the first time and I am proud. See Pictures below, what do you think?


  1. wow it really looks nice on you. Hopefully one day I will go for the big chop too because I am getting impatient 😂

    1. Thanks Ogonna, Go for it once you are ready... it will suit you just fine.


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