Today's fashion tips are for the Corporate woman.
Working as a professional is often considered serious and classy but it comes with lots of rules, everything has to appear a certain way. Corporate fashion used to be considered boring but it doesn't always have to be, Today we will be sharing a few tips to help make your corporate style a little bit more fun without necessarily breaking any rules.

Pardon me but each time I think of female professionals, Gabriella Union's image just comes up lol. Anyways, every woman should stock her wardrobe with these babies. You can never have too much, if it fits just buy it. Dresses can come in different colors, and it can be worn in so many different ways. You can style it with a nice blazer for a more serious look, or just wear it without on a casual work day like Thursdays. Apart from work, it could also serve some other purposes like simple functions, Church...Choice of shoes, accessories and makeup is what determines how and where you can rock your dress.

Good news is the corporate world is now more accepting of bold colors, in the past it was all about black and gray and black and more black. Don't get me wrong, I love black but sometimes brighter colors can lift your mood and it's more expressive. Nobody said you should color block to work, a pop of bright color will do just fine. Always remember to keep it simple and one patterned or people will probably not take you seriously.

When you walk into a room, your appearance says a lot about your professional character, you shouldn't carry unkempt hair or loud makeup around, nobody will take you seriously. Try to keep your hair and nails tidy, if you choose to paint your nails, go for neutral and mild colors. Then for the makeup, keep it simple, natural makeup can be beautiful too.

In a corporate environment, its best to keep your accessories as minimal as possible, distracting jewelries don't exactly fit in. So go for simple studded earrings or small hoops, single bracelets and wristwatch, nothing too extra. You can switch it up if you want to hang out after work.

Some work places allow staff to dress down on fridays, you can rock your comfortable flat shoes or snickers and still look cute. In this part of the world you can even rock stylish traditional outfits made with African prints. If this applies to you, then you are in luck because there's a lot you can make with African prints and look super stylish and classy.

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