Today I am creating a small new segment of this blog on a topic that is of great interest to me...Stick around and we will see how it plays out 💅🏾

Introducing Fashion by FroChic;

Fashion is a popular style or practice, especially in clothing, shoes, accessories, makeup, body etc. There's a constant change in trend, infact each season come with its own trends, there's always something new and that's what makes it so exciting.

Thinking of tips to improve your fashion sense?
Look no further because I have a few basics that will definitely help you.

Personally, I think one cant talk about fashion without first addressing your inner self. Interestingly, the best things about fashion are free. Yes! You heard right. The second best things, well not so free lol. Today we will talk about the basics of fashion that are completely free.
One can wear the best and the most expensive fashion trends and still look funny, this is because you have to feel right to look right. The number one must have accessory is Confidence.


This is the most important tip, and it costs absolutely nothing. Confidence can be seen from a mile away and its contagious. You have to be confident on the inside to reflect beauty on the outside. It really doesn't matter what you wear, a confident woman can pull off some rags and still stand out. Some ladies spend their life saving buying the most expensive clothes, bags, hairs, shoes...only to feel threatened by some random chic on low cut with little to no accessories. So I would say, concentrate on building it, detach yourself from anything that brings down your confidence because you are gorgeous in everyway. 


Smile is a universal language, always wear a charming smile and see how irresistible you will be then come back and thank me. Its really difficult to say no to a cheerful face so stop complaining like you have the worst problems in the world and be happy. Cut out all negative energy and you got the best accessory.

Style is personal

We all have very different looks, what works for one might not work for another. "know your body"
Once we accept its ok to look different and still be beautiful then there is nothing to worry about. Its a good thing there is something for everyone when it comes to fashion. You don't have to wear something simply because its in vogue, oh it looks great on the runway... does it look great on you? Then you hear things like ... if its this expensive then its definitely right, NO WAY. 
If you dress up and look at the mirror and feel a tad bit funny, please don't bother going out with that because people see what you feel about yourself.

So these are the basic Fashion must haves, most of us just ignore the basics and jump to the money part and end up never satisfied. Make today the start of something new, adopt these few tips and you are on your way to becoming a fashion icon 😜

What are your thoughts? Feel free to drop your comments below and don't forget to subscribe for updates.


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