So you finally get the concept of natural hair but you don't have any idea how to go about it. I ve got you! Going natural is actually easy and below are the two major ways to go;


This is probably the most common method and honestly quite scary. Probably the reason most people still shy away from going natural. Big chop means cutting off all or almost all of ones relaxed hair and growing out the natural hair from the scratch. I think it is the easiest way to go because its less stressful and you get to monitor your hair growth, you can also try out different styles and products to determine what works for you. Not to mention you get to wash your hair often lol now that's a plus. 
I understand the fear of a drastic change in look,some of us are just not ready for that bold step, perhaps we are still hiding our big heads. If however you can't rock this look, worry not, there's a second option for you below.


This is a process of stopping the use of relaxers on ones hair and allowing the natural roots grow out unharmed for a period of time that will be determined by the individual involved before cutting out the relaxed tips. After a few months of Transitioning, you can clearly see the difference between the relaxed part of your hair and the new natural hair growth. 
People opt for this style because they want to retain their length and never have to worry about the very low cut. Some people transition for like two years before finally cutting off the remaining relaxed ends. 
I have come to understand that this method is for patient people, I opted for this method and my target was one year, barely 5 months in, I am already impatient because I can now see the beautiful tiny growth and I can't stop touching it. I am becoming more scissor happy lately cos I am always trimming my tips, a part of me feels like am missing out on the short Fro look and styles and I am almost certain am going for my big chop very soon.
I have also noticed that Transitioning takes up a lot of hair products because you get to feed even the damaged hair and not to mention that you have to always cover up the hair with a wig or proctictive styles to avoid being seen as a crazy person with 2 different hair textures lol.

Finally just go for what works for you, it doesn't have to be that serious. Its just hair at the end of the day and it will grow back because that is what hair does. 
I am going for my Big chop soon *fingerscrossed* I will try to make a video of the process or pictures atleast. 
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  1. I'm transitioning and I'm no good at being patient. I'm seriously considering BC any time soon

    1. Girrll I can relate really, am definitely going for it

    2. I remember in 2010 when I was transitioning. I was excited, but had some anxiety if I would like my returned texture. During my transition I would wear braids in between for a month or 2. Then I cut off the permed ends. This was the moment I knew I am all

    3. Hahahaha at that point there's no going back.

  2. Great article, well done! Thanks!


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