My name is Frances, and here's a warm welcome to my new blog.

I am a Licensed Medical Laboratory Scientist with a passion for writing, I am also a certified Event Planner. I am not exactly new to blogging, I created my first blog more than five years ago simply for the fun of it, I wrote about anything and everything which is funny but it was a good learning  experience for me.
Now I have created a niche where I will basically be writing about my hobbies and passion. I decided to start this blog as a platform for every black girl out there to relate to. Being a proud black woman, I am here to share my experiences and to also learn from others.

One of my biggest motivation for this blog is that I recently started my natural hair journey and i realized how stressful it is to gather valuable information that applies to me even with the numerous information out there. I researched and watched endless videos and then I thought to myself, this information could be helpful to someone out there if arranged accordingly to ease the stress of jumping from one site/video to the other and here we are.
Are you considering going natural with no idea how to go about it?
Are you already on the journey but about to give up?
Are you slaying your natural hair already?
This is the place for you, we need eachother to grow together.

Also expect posts on Fashion and Travel as these are my passions, I will make posts atleast 2 times a week or more.
Don't be left out, you can subscribe to my blog to receive notifications via email, you can also send in your experiences or suggestions to me to be shared for all to learn from.

This is not just a blog to me, my goal is to build a community where women can come together to learn and encourage one another. Not forgetting the men too lol.
Be a part of this interactive community by dropping your comments and sharing the link.

Thanks and welcome on board.


  1. Yes. I agree. Your blog is helpful to those who can benefit. Love what your doing. I am natural too! I like connecting with other sistahs on their creative views. I like working along, not against. Your diverse as in the natural hair /beauty niche. I can learn how to fade black spots too from you.

    1. Thank you so much Kerone, coming from you, I am definitely encouraged. Welcome to my blog and I hope to learn much more from you


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