So there's something called natural hair typing, who knew? Lol.
When I decided to go natural, I thought it would be helpful to do some research about it. I jumped straight to YouTube to search and oh I was wowed by what I saw. There are numerous videos of girls styling their hairs and the curls be popping effortlessly. Then I thought to myself so we black women are blessed with such beautiful hair that with few hair products and little care, we slay. I even wished I had started earlier because I felt I was missing out. I couldn't wait for my hair to grow so I could try out different styles.
Then upon further research I started seeing some numbering system and I realized there was some type of division in the natural hair world called "Hair typing System"
So I thought to myself, oh this shouldn't be a big deal, how wrong I was. I found out there are very different hair types and the most heartbreaking thing was that those effortless popping curls videos I watched with so much joy is infact not for everyone. You can't imagine how eager I was to find out my hair type at this point haha story for another day.

So generally, Hair is grouped into types 1-4 but the groups particular to black women are types 3 and 4 and that's what I would be talking about. The groups are further subdivided into A, B and C. I created a picture illustration to help with visual understanding.
Please note that this is only a guide and I choose healthy looking hairs.


This hair texture have definite 'S' shaped curl pattern. It is usually easy to style and its beautiful. 
It is subdivided into;
3A: Hair is shinny and loose.
3B: Hair has medium amount of curls, can be described as bouncy.
3C: Hair is slightly tightly curled.


This hair texture is kinky also referred to as tightly curled hair. It often appears coarse, therefore it requires extra care as it can be fragile. It is the most common hair type among black women and it's really beautiful. It is further subdivided into;
4A: This hair type is full of tight curls with 'S pattern when stretched. Similar to 3C.
4B: This hair has less defined curl pattern, it appears 'Z' like.
4C: This is the hair with the list curl pattern definition. It is very tight packed and kinky.

This here should help you determine your help type and knowing your hair type is key when going natural because not only does it shape your expectations, it helps you narrow down your research and determine products best for you.
So what is your hair type? What are/were your expectations? I think I finally know my exact hair type and my body is doing me somehow lol 😂. Anyways that's story for another day, maybe I will write about it and how it made me feel. Who can guess my hair type? I will give out one useful hair product. Stay tuned and please subscribe to keep up.


  1. My guess..4c��

    1. Hahahaha, Ogonna thanks for guessing I will reveal it soon 🙊


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