So today, I decided to mix it up. Not everyday hair lol! I am going to be talking about facial black spots removal... Lets get right into it

Most women at some point have faced the dreadful pimple phase which results in terrible blackspots. These blackspots can do serious damage to a young woman's self esteem. Some try every product they come across in a desperate attempt to get a smooth face, while some might work, most of these products make things worse.

Some people start to get pimples once they hit Puberty, others might be as a reaction to some product that didn't go well with your skin but which ever the case, the most important and effective treatment is Patience. Yes you read right, wait it out. 

Most of us want a miracle cure that clears everything over night. So you buy a product, use it for a few days, No significant effect? We go for a different product immediately forgetting to give the face a chance to breathe. During the day we pack so much makeup in an attempt to conceal these frustrating spots, some even sleep with these makeup products on.

So from my experience, I used to pay so much attention to any minor rash or spot on my face that I end up making it worse. I will buy any product I hear that works but I noticed that each time when I eventually get tired of trying, things started to improve. I even turned to a researcher and I finally found something that worked for me and some of my friends, I hope it works for you too, and guess what? Its all natural and Homemade.

Ingredients required:

Turmeric powder (indian spice, can be found in big grocery stores).
Powdered milk
Honey (optional).


  • In a small plastic bowl, add half teaspoon of Turmeric powder
  • Cut the lime and squeeze the juice into the bowl
  • Add a quarter spoon of milk and stir to form a paste
if too thick, add more lime juice
  • Finally add 2 drops of honey (optional)
Stair and apply on face as mask.

Leave on for 10-20mins then wash off with warm water.

Repeat everyday and gradually reduce to weekly as spots disappears. You should notice significant result within a week.

Be careful with the Turmeric as it leaves lasting stains so do not stir or apply with bare hands.
Also, I use just the lime juice some times.

Never go to bed with Makeup on
Discontinue the use of any product you feel you might be reacting to.
Use moisturizing or toilet soaps.
Natural products are best for the skin.
Be patient 
Have you tried other remedies that work? Feel free to share in the comment section and don't forget to subscribe to be updated on all blog activities via email. 

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