So today I am going to be talking about my hair and my journey so far. I will try to make this as short as possible, here we go.
I think I am one of those people that decided to go natural because my hair needed redemption. I was tired of struggling with my edges and in the process of browsing the net for possible solutions, then I started seeing very nice natural hair videos, ofcourse I picked interest and am like wow who knew our hair could do all this? then I started considering going natural but I was still scared of cutting it all out. how happy I was to learn about Transitioning. I went for it immediately eager to grow out my natural hair and started rocking them curls.
Then came another problem, hair typing! When I first read about hair types my natural hair hadn't really grown out enough to be able to determine my hair type but I was secretly wishing and hoping it would be a 3C or atleast 4A lol I mean my mum has coils in this category so why shouldn't I?
Also lots of the hair tutorial videos I saved are type 3C/4A, that's mostly what we have out there on the internet anyways.
As my hair grew out, i had coarse looking hair starring me in the face, it looked nothing like the videos πŸ˜­πŸ˜‚ but I was like, oh my hair is still really short so I can't still be sure. Then out of curiosity I decided to browse about 4C hair type and management(it shouldn't be that bad), choi! I saw things like "I hate my 4C hair", "I just put relaxer on my 4C" "4C hair is ugly" with images that look straight out of a slave movie(no offense) but damn it wasn't good.
Probably the most discouraging things ever, at this point I was no longer only wishing, I was also praying for atleast 4B πŸ™ˆ.
Few months later, I could now see clearly what my hair looked like and my biggest fear was confirmed, then I thought of giving up and getting a perm like I never tried. I was so disappointed, but I was happy with the little progress my edges had made in a few months of no relaxer and I was pushed to research further, there can't be that few of us with this hair type, how come the net is filled with all these silky hair types, then I found I few ladies talking about their hair struggles with type 4C hair and how they were not going to give up. Ok that's encouraging atleast, I started following a few others with type 4C hairs and they were rocking it, hair looked so healthy and very beautiful and at that point I saw 4C differently and I knew there was hope for my hair so I decided to continue.

A part of me was still worried and I really wanted to encourage myself so I decided to start this blog, I believe that I can encourage someone out there and save them from going through the disappointment of not easily finding inspiration for your hair type.
My second reason is because, well I have no idea what am doing and knowing myself I can just wake up one day and decide to end it all after all I will be disappointed only myself but then when I know I have other people looking up to me, I will probably think twice πŸ™ˆ

So far, am really loving my hair and this journey and I can't wait to bigchop so I can start rocking my hair in different styles. By the way, this is what my hair looks like now. I am just 5months post relaxer so it's still pretty hard to see the new growth on camera πŸ™ˆ

Are you struggling with your hair? are you enjoying your natural hair journey? are you considering getting a perm? Erhmm you are going nowhere, we in this together lol
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  1. Good to know there is hope for my hair, I don't even know my hair type but we are team natural though.

    1. lol ofcourse there's hope and girrrl we are in the same team 😁

  2. Yeahhh, so I guessed your hair type right. I am transitioning too,am just two months but I am not seeing any difference😁😁. Please can you give me tips on how to go about it, what to use on it and what not to use and all.
    Thanks for the update .

    1. Yes Ogonna you did πŸ‘πŸ½ and I owe you a lil something for your hair. you can contact me by filling the contact form by the top right corner of the blog home page. Then for your hair, you will see the difference soon, just give it time. I made I post about how to transition to natural hair, please refer to that post for more details and feel free to ask any further questions after that. Thanks

    2. I can imagine your reaction when you found out your 4C hair. Just breathe. Take all negatively out your mind. Now you have a clear direction on how to care for it. Remember all hair is beautiful and unique . It's boils down to caring for your hair. What's best to you is different from whats best to someone else. Smile girl!

  3. Yayyy! Am smiling... it's really good having the support of someone with more experience. Thank you Kerone, this helps.


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