Thank God is Friday guys and it's time for some fashion tips.
Today we would be talking about Shopping; yayy who doesn't love shopping?
Shopping is pretty easy and fun until you get home to find out you splurged on the wrong things and they are almost useless because you still can't find what to wear. Hang on and you could learn something new today😜

Spend wisely

Now this is very key, to achieve that chic look you need to know exactly what to buy. Fashion isn't just about designer names head to toe. Yes they are very cool but if you are a regular person, you really have to mix it up.
When it comes to clothes, their are lots of great affordable brands that you can buy without breaking the bank and still come out looking chic, if you looking for what to spend a lot of money on, you should consider investing on designer bags and shoes instead of clothes because any simple outfit can be completely transformed when paired with killer shoes or bag, most people pay attention to bags and shoes.
Clothes just need to fit right, you can easily transform a pair of jeans and T from causal to Chic in a snap by just changing your shoes and bag.

Avoid Designer Copies

Absolutely stay away from Copies. If you cannot afford the real deal,dont go for the copy no matter how tempting. You would think no one will notice, maybe not but it is totally degrading and you come off like a wannabe. If you must own it then save up for it otherwise go for other quality non famous designers, believe me its better for your image.


This is one aspect of fashion that alot of people tend to neglect.
Accessories have a way of improving ones looks remarkably, be it bold, simple or very loud accessories. Never be caught offguard lol.

Don't shop in a hurry

Make out time for your shopping so you don't buy the wrong things cos of pressure. Its not compulsory to buy something from every shop you enter, if it doesn't feel completely right then walk away honey. Take your time to try out whatever catches your eyes, most clothes turn out completely different on a body than on a hanger and always think of what would go with it in your wardrobe, if it goes with only one or none of the things you already own then you should really consider leaving it unless perhaps you just want to decorate your wardrobe with it.

Shop gradually 

You don't have to finish all the money in a day because chances are you will get tired to keep trying out clothes and your sense of judgment won't be as fresh again so end up making wrong choices. Shop for a bit and continue a different day. Also while shopping, if you come across a perfect occasion dress, buy it! Even if you don't have need for it at the moment, you don't want to start running around trying to find a special dress for a wedding or special occasion within a few days not cool.

Consider your personal style always

Its fun to go shopping with friends but at the same time don't get lost in other people's choices. Buy what you feel right in not what someone else is buying. Different opinions could be helpful but the opinion that mostly matter is yours so pick what you are comfortable and happy with.

I hope you learnt atleast one thing to improve your shopping game and feel free to share your own tips in the comment section below. Don't forget to share this post and also subscribe for blog updates if you liked this post. Have a beautiful weekend guys.


  1. F*cking nailed it. SHOP GRADUALLY! I usually don't have the time to go shopping and when I do, I tend to buy everything I MIGHT need... Lol! I end up not needing those things anyway.

    1. Hahahaha then its a good thing you saw this put it to use and slay on!!


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