Today I have something interesting to talk about, Crochet!
Crochets are super trendy right now and for good reasons, it's a perfect protective hair style for your hair and also quite easy to install. There are several types this is just one I created is just one of them.

Yes I created this beautiful curls using bendy rollers and Xpression extensions (yes attachment lol), well I had a lil help πŸ™Š. 
Anyways, I was chilling with a friend and we were watching a lot of creative videos, it seemed easy and we cut the creativity bug and next thing we were stepping out to buy extensions and Crochet pin πŸ˜‚, I thought we could try one and if we don't get it right then we can just throw it in the bin. So we started off so determined, we soon got to learn that it wasn't as easy as we thought, the struggle was real, I honestly can't explain how we finished it. Next morning, we opened it and I was so excited by what I saw, it was so bouncy and perfect. Then we were encouraged to make the second one and I got the idea to take pictures and lil videos in the process to share with you guys.
I fixed it and that what it looks like up there😁. 
Find the steps and video below; 

1. Cut the Extension to desired length (I cut mine into 3)

2. Pick and comb the hair extension for the tiny tips effect then apply a little oil

3. Then take a piece of the hair depending on how large you want your curl and twist it tightly around the bendy rollers.

4. When done with all the hair, Soak in hot water for 1 minute, bring the rollers out and allow to dry overnight.

5. Detach your curly hair from rollers and Crochet is ready to be fixed. 


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