Hello people, so it's being one week since my Big Chop Yayyy! even though it feels like its been a month😂
Its been a busy week so I decided to go with easy and fast styling, maybe we can call it wash and go. I felt since I have been transitioning for a short while that I have some experience, so this shouldn't be hard, how wrong I was, this is a completely different territory. In fact I feel like I just started my natural hair journey a week ago.


I have started learning the true nature of my hair, and I have been experimenting with a few product and I have learnt some new things.
I am enjoying my new look, the short hair is really working for me.
I have inspired someone to go natural because she loves my hair.
I have washed only once this one week and there wasn't any significant breakage, I guess I am doing something right.


My hair gets dry easily that I have to rely on leave in conditioners and water to make it soft
I don't like that I have to style my hair every morning, that's some work lol

Overall it's been a good hair week, it might stress me but I feel it's worth it once am done styling because it comes out popping. Its been an exciting journey so far and I can see myself doing this for a very long time.

Side news:

I got featured on Lumynexessential guys, it's a natural hair website and it has lots of helpful and interesting contents, follow the link below to read my interview with them

Feel free to drop your comments and questions below, also share and subscribe to my blog for more updates 🙌🏽.


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